If you want to help us with translating the App into your native language or correcting errors in an existing translation, you can contact our support at support@appintheair.mobi with the specification for which language you would like to create or adjust the translation.

After that we will send you an invitation, you will receive an e-mail from noreply@crowdin.com with the invitation to the "Crowdin" service through which the transfer will be sent.

After clicking on the "Accept invitation" button, a page will open on which you will need to sign up and enter the "Crowdin" service.

After authorization, go to the “Workspace” section and select the project “App in the Air Android” / iOS> “View Project”.

On the page that opens, in the “Translations” list, find the line of the language you want to help with the translation of and click on the “V” button on the right side of the line. From the options that appear, select “Crowdsourcing”.

On this page, on the left, you will see a list of words and phrases in English that require translation.

Choose any word from the list and on the right, you will see three blocks:

- The upper block of the "Source String" includes the original of the selected word in English and a screenshot from the App that illustrating this word in context;

- Middle block - enter translation here and tap on "Save";

- The lower block will display the translation you have proposed and the translation of other users, as well as Machine Translation suggestions.

Now you can proceed to the next item in the list for translation.