If information about the country you visited has not been added to the statistics or you didn't get the country badges, review exactly how these countries were added to your trip.

The country statistics take into account both the country of departure and the country of arrival, but only for past flights. If it was a domestic flight, then the country is considered only once.

Badges can only be obtained for the countries in which you landed in. Countries from which you depart from are not taken into count. If your trip has several legs, you will only get a badge for the country of landing on the last leg or for any country in which you spent more than 12 hours. The countries in which you landed in previously on this trip and in which you spent less than 12 hours are not taken into account.

Given all this, if you are sure there is still an error to your statistics, please write to our support team at support@appintheair.mobi.