You can find "Emails for ticket parsing" (iOS) or "Forward itineraries from email" (Android) in the app settings. This list shows emails from which you can send e-ticket to as well as my.flightradar24 (formerly flightDiary) / OpenFlights export files (CSV) and Custom CSV file with your flights to import them into your App in the Air profile (see more here in this article "I have all my flights in Excel (CSV) file or note - how can I import them?")

Add a new email

This feature is helpful if you don't want to connect emails for parsing (Google or any other email via IMAP), but want to add flights via forwarding them to

Just tap on "+" sign and enter your email. 

If you would see a message that "This email is already in use", you already some time ago login with this email into App in the Air (it might be Google, Facebook, TripIt, Outlook or any other email via IMAP). Try to log in with such options in the app's settings.

How can I remove email from "emails for ticket parsing" or "Forward itineraries from email"?

iOS: open "Emails for ticket parsing" part of the settings and swipe left email you want to delete.

Android: open "Forward itineraries from email" and tap on the "x" button near the email you want to delete.

iOS / Android case: "Can't delete the email":

If you can't delete the particular email, this email linked to the connected account (Google, Facebook, etc). You need to disconnect this account from the app's settings (simply tap on the desired account and confirm).