Currently, you can select preferred place for check-in (during the setup of automated online check-in or by selecting your name prior to submitting the check-in):

Seat location: Front / Middle / Back

Seat place: Window / Middle / Aisle 

There are might be some questions on the check-in:

  1. You already selected seats during booking. The algorithm would check you in on your selected during booking seats. 
  2. Will the app check me in to the Paid seats? No, the algorithm check-in only to the free seats, based on your preferences. 
  3. Will the app check me in according to my preferences if my Ticket Fare doesn't allow seat selection? No, the algorithm will check you on the assigned seat by the airline (it could be not the same as your preferences).
  4. Can I add several Frequent Flyers Programs (FFP) to the check-in? No, currently, you can add only 1 FFP to the check-in.
  5. Where do I enter passport information on the app? If it's needed for this particular flight, it will be asked during the check-in process or you can tap on your name prior "Submit" → Personal information