How to connect through IMAP


Go to profile tab → Settings → Tap "Other e-mail (IMAP)"


Go to profile tab → Three-dot button at the upper right corner → Settings → Import flights

Then tap "IMAP":

How to fix problems with IMAP connection

If you are connecting with the IMAP option, but you receive an email error message, try these steps: 

  1. Check, whether you have 2-steps authorization (login). This option means that after you login with the general password, the email provider may send you a verification password (via text message or email). Unfortunately, we don't support 2-steps login. To solve the issue, you will need to generate a one-time password in the settings of your email provider and login with the password. Here's a Yahoo example regarding one-time password (app-specific password):
  2. Check the host name. Usually it's "imap.<your host name>". For example, on an email "", the host would be In some cases, the "mail" is added "" If you have a custom email (domain), check your email provider settings.
  3. Check whether the IMAP option login is turned on in your email provider.
  4.  If you login with Outlook email with the IMAP option and have an error, try to Login using the Outlook standalone option (for both iOS and Android versions) or Live (for iOS version only).