While our goal is to have the most possible accurate, real-time data about your flights, there are cases when there is a delay or complete absence in the delivery of information to us from the carrier.

We check the flight status more often, the closer we get to the departure date. If your flight is in more than three days away, we check the flight status less often (hence, the perceived delay). Because the airline might change the info several times, to avoid bugging you with extra alerts, we check the flight status closer to the departure date. (However, the airline might already have a new status. To check, just delete the flight - see how to do it - and add it again). 

If your flight is in less than three days away, and there is still a disconnect in the data, keep trying. If the info in the app is not the same as the airline's data, it more than like means that our provider did not transmit the updated data (unfortunately).

You can contact our support team to investigate such cases (go to the App in the Air Settings > Feedback).

Gate and Terminal info appear closer to departure time as well. You can always report the delayed time and new gate. See here how to do it.