Duplicate charges often occur with larger banks. Was your method of payment for the ticket an Airline Credit Card? In this situation, the preliminary authorization of funds would be made by them. In the case of a travel agency, they are really an outside observer, and because their 'hands out tied', they can only advise you to contact the airline or financial institution. 

The payment procedure is as follows:

  1. When issuing tickets, the airline blocks your account fund in the amount of the ticket price. This transaction is assigned an individual authorization code. The funds are in your account, but not available for use.
  2. After 2-4 days, the airline sends a second request to the bank to debit the funds. Here they duplicate the amount and use the same authorization code, so that the funds that were originally authorized are not recharged to the account.
  3. Then the bank transfers the indicated amount to the airline, and the transaction appears in your bank statement as completed.

It is probably safe to assume that in this case, the bank ignored the authorization code for the original amount, and blocked the same amount again. Unfortunately, this still happens.

In order to correct the error and free up the funds,  you will need to contact your bank and explain the situation. Ask them to verify the authorization codes for these two payments. If our assumption is accurate, one transaction will be correct and and one will be in error. Make sure the bank to cancels one!

Sometimes double charges occur under the same authorization code, which also the bank's error. Therefore, in addition to addressing the authorization code, it will be necessary to compare the dates of the transaction.

As a rule, bank employees quickly find such errors and begin the process of unblocking the funds in your account. We certainly hope that this is the only time you will have to encounter this kind of hassle!