Only past flights from the “My” tab go to statistics. Flights from the “People” and “Unsorted” tabs are not taken into account. If you are unable to see past flight, please check if they were inadvertently assigned to one of these tabs. You can re-assign any flight to another tab, from "My" to "People" and vice versa.

Flights in the "Unsorted" tab are imported from your connected inbox, but we are unable to check whether they are yours or not. 


Simply tap "Edit", select your flight, and then re-assign it to the desired tab using the square+arrow button at the bottom bar.

You can also just swipe the flight left, and then tap the Edit button.

Then tap on the "Move to My".


All you need to do is long-tap the card with your flight, then tap the "Mark as" icon:

And re-assign it to the desired tab.

You can connect your email to import more flights to the app (check out; How can I import flights to the App in the Air)?
Also, you are able to forward confirmation emails from the airline to or send CSV files from my.flightradar24 (formerly flightDiary), OpenFlights, or from our custom CSV (see attached).