Let us know us which loyalty program you’re interested in, and we will definitely reply (to send your info. contact our support team from the app's settings).

Bear in mind that because there are limitations associated with American Airlines AAdvantage, Delta Air Lines SkyMiles, United Airlines MileagePlus, Southwest Rapid Rewards, Air Astana we are currently unable to estimate when their programs will be available. If your airline is not included, you are able to manually add and store your balance.

We are petitioning these carries. Please consider signing up!


Go to Profile > Wallet > and then search for your program. If there are no results, tap on the name you see in the text field. Tap on the "+ Add" button here.

Then select it:

Fill in the necessary information and save:


Go to Profile > Wallet >Then try to search for it manually. If you don't see your program on the list, tap "Nothing found".

Add the necessary information and save: