If you cannot find a flight, please first check the data you've entered.

There could be mistakes with the date, airline code or flight number (usually its 2-4 digits).

If your flight is in the future (3 weeks and more), the airline may not yet have passed the information to us. Try to search for the flight closer to the departure date.

Still, couldn't find it? Here are the possible reasons:

  1. Your flight is a charter
    There can be unique problems with charter flights. We don't always have the necessary information about these flights due to how charter companies handle their flights.
    You can add it post-flight (Adding past flights)
  2. You have connecting flights, with several legs/segments.  
    Try searching each segment, one at a time.

You can always add a past flight 24 hours after landing. Tap here to see how.

Also, to simplify the process of adding flights, you can simply connect your Email. This allows it to be done automatically! (How can I import flights to the App in the Air?)