The options that an annual or lifetime subscription provides are real-time Flight Status Updates, and Automatic Check-In (our most popular features)!

1. Flight alerts keep you informed through all the stages of your flight. In case of changes like gate changes or delays, our app notifies you in real time. You can also keep your family up to date on your trip. Even more, the app can notify you via SMS (text messages), which is particularly important when you are on-board with no internet connection.

2. Automatic check-in enables you to check in, and choose your favorite zone and seat, prior to the airline check-in window opening. Thus, you will not have to worry about the availability of your preferred seat! Your e-ticket would be provided both in your email and as a PDF in the app's Boarding Pass widget.

You can try a 14-days free trial, and then if you like it, purchase a subscription either for one year or for a lifetime! Or, just cancel within the initial 14-days at no charge. You would have all the app's free functionality such as the checklist, statistics on the profile with great visualization, airport tips from frequent travelers and much more!

Current price: $29.99 (USD) for the annual subscription and $49.99 (USD) for Lifetime.

P.S. The app itself is free of charge. You don't have to get subscription to use it.