These flights were automatically parsed from your linked mailbox or calendar. We found and added them to the app, but based the content, it was not possible to say for sure whether the passenger was you – that’s why they were marked as “Unsorted”.

Our app allows you to store other people's flights as well (this is what the "People" tab is designed for). A passenger indicates if a given flight is theirs. Only the flights from the "My" tab go to your personal statistics. Flights in "People" and "Other" do not count.

You can re-assign any flight to any tab (from "My" to "People" and vice versa).
Please see the attached screenshots to see how.


Go to "Trips" → Click on "Edit" 

Then select flights that you want to move out → Click on a small square icon with a little arrow 

Once you've done this, you will see the option "Mark trips as" → Click on the folder "My" or "People", now you can find those trips in this folder.

Plus you can sort the flights that we can't recognize the ownership. We put it to the "Unsorted" tab. Just tap on the notice, that you have some unsorted flights (or just tap on the same name tab) and swipe to the left or to the right – to mark these unsorted flights as your personal or as the people's.


Long-tap the card with your flight, tap at the label looking icon in a popup, then assign the flight to the "People" tab.