These flights were automatically parsed from your linked mailbox or calendar. We found and added them to the app, but based the content , it was not possible to say for sure whether the passenger was you - that’s why they were marked as “Other”.

Our app allows you to store other people's flights as well (this is what the "People" tab is designed for). A passenger indicates if a given flight is theirs. Only the flights from the "My" tab go to your personal statistics. Flights in "People" and "Other" do not count.

You can re-assign any flight to any tab (from "My" to “People" and vice versa).
Please see the attached screenshots to see how.


Tap "Edit", choose your flights, and then re-assign them to the desired tab using the square+arrow button on the bottom bar.


Android: Long-tap the card with your flight, tap the "Mark as" icon at the top, then assign the flight to the desired tab.