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Will people be able to see my profile info?

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Hi Adam! There are two places where other App in the Air users can see very general statistics of your profile: Leaderboard and Nearby widget.

In Leaderboard, there 2 types of them:

1) Global. In this case, only 4 near you people can see your: Profile picture, your position in Global leaderboard, Kilometres and Hours you flow current year. You can turn it off if you tap (i) for Android or "..." -> "Information" for iOS at the top right-hand corner. Then tap "Turn off". Your profile would be hidden globally. 

2) Friends. This one appears if you connect Facebook, Google or iCloud and the app would check other App in the Air users who also connect it and you are friends there. In this case, your friends can see the details map of your flights within a different year. You can delete a friend so both of you won't see each other. Android - tap & hold on a person and confirm. For iOS - currently can't be done via the app, but you can write to us at and we will assist you. 

Nearby widget

This is a widget within the flight. By default, it is turned off. It shows people who are traveling on the same flight as you are or around the same time as you depart / arrive at your airports. You can click on a person profile and see their stats by year with a flight map.

You can find more info here:

Let me know if it helps.


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