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How to get a boarding pass when I have confirmed seat


I have a confirmed seat reservation for a flight and would like to get a boarding pass. As far as I see, automated check-in is only for cases when the passanger does not have a reserved seat yet. (Actually it would be nice to be able to check-in automatically when check-in is open, also when I already have a reserved seat, if I could give the seat number, and the app did not want to find me another seat like it seems to do now.)

Could you, please, tell me, how I can get a boarding pass in this case?


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Hello. That's Alex from App in the Air team. Thanks for your request.

At the moment, if you'll send an auto check-in request if you have seats already, you'll get the boarding pass with the same seats as you have. So you can add it in this way.

Or you can scan your boarding pass by the app, and that will add this information to the app too.

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