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How far back does syncing go?

Hi there, I was finally able to link my Yahoo email to my account, but it seems the app can only go back to about 2013 to grab all my old flights... is that on purpose, or is it a bug? I’d really want to have ALL my possible history (as far back as 15 years!) into the app... is it doable?
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Hi, Yannick.

That's Alex from App in the Air team. Thanks for your request. At the moment, we can integrate into auto mode the flights not more than 5 years of old. The reason is that for flights old data may not be accurate. Plus we verify some fields like airport code, that can be changed for years. So in the reasons that the data quality may not be good for older flights, you can just add them manually. You can save the data to the Excel file and then send it to

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