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Missing flights

My flights from 2016 and before are now missing. They used to be there but now there are not. My email is sync properly and I did not change it. All my old flight itinerary are still in my inbox so not sure why they disappeared. Can you help?

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your report. I made the force sync of your flights, so can you please relaunch our app, open your flight feed and make a gesture "pull-to-refresh". Do you see all these missed flights after that?

Hi, I've been trying to sync my flights, but only some show up. Missing several months of 2019, and most months from previous years. I tried re-sync, reinstall, etc. Any suggestions?

Hi, Christopher. Can you please send me feedback from the app, to my name Alex or at Plus let me know some missed flights in your flight feed. I'll check the issue for you.

Hi, my flights are not syncing from gmail. Any ideas

Hi, Kem. Let me apologize for the delay in the reply. Please let me know your account email to, and I will take a look at it.

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