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Set "Checked In" / "Boarded" status


I'd really like the ability to tap and set "Checked In" or "Boarded" as a status so the app can skip to the next count down.

I don't need to know how long I have to check in after i've already checked in (same with Boarding etc)

(If this feature could be added... would be even better if it was included with the apple watch app too so I could just "tap" on it to set status and now show I am interested in the next timer for my complications and in the app itself)

Thanks very much!


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Hi Tom,
Thanks for your awesome idea. So do you mean to add some button, and if you tap on it we will change your status to the next one?

I'd also like this feature. Many of my flights involve checking in with multiple airlines. Even if I manually add my boarding pass it doesn't register as checked in. It would be very helpful if I could manually transition to checked in to get the boarding countdown.
According to the this article, manually transitioning from check in feature is available for iOS but not android. Will this feature come to Android?

Hello Kori, thanks for your request. Yes, this is the iOS-only feature at the moment. But I noticed your wishes to our developers, to bring the same functionality to our Android app too. I'll inform you if we'll add it.

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